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Where startups and investors see the true value of working towards one common goal

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Where startups and investors see the true value of working towards one common goal
Upvote is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Raising capital is hard for even the best startups and that’s why we exist. Our mission is to speed up the fundraising process so that you can focus on the things that matter.
Jukka Mitrunen

Jukka Mitrunen

Upvote, Founder & CEO

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It is difficult to find and communicate effectively to potential investors.

The fundraising process is expensive and takes valuable time from the actual business development.

Live events are productive for fundraising but it’s very time-consuming.

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Meet our team

We are a group of entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to build a great company and we are here to help you.

Jukka Mitrunen

Co-Founder & CEO

Jukka Mitrunen is a customer and product-oriented startup founder with 6 years of experience in the Fintech space. He’s passionate about creating useful products that solve important problems on a big scale.

Ruben Oliveira

Co-Founder & Head of Design

Ruben Oliveira is a Designer with 14 years of experience who’s passionate about solving problems through design and seeing how those solutions influence the world we live in. He has previously designed multi-platform apps and websites with 20M+ users.

Henry Brade


Henry Brade is a Blockchain expert who has been a Bitcoin pioneer since 2011. He is the Founder & CEO of crypto broker service Prasos which has exchanged more than 300M Euros.

Valtteri Kaartemo

Chairman of the board

Valtteri Kaartemo has +10 year experience in entrepreneurship. He earned his doctorate at University of Turku and wrote the dissertation 2013 on the network development process of a startup willing to change the practice of how co founders meet each other.

David Arblaster

Customer Success & Business Development

David Arblaster has a diverse Background in heading up growth and business development for SaaS and construction Tech start-ups. David is experienced in scaling businesses and likes to build and analyse systems which are at the core of every company.

Mariella Luukkanen


Mariella Luukkanen is an experienced specialist who has worked as an expert in economics for public management and smaller businesses for the last eight years.

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