Problems in the market

The ICO market is full of projects that doesn’t create any kind of value to anyone and for investors it has been difficult to separate potential projects from the weak ones.


At the moment there are lot of services that analyze the ICO projects in exchange of money, but we believe that it’s not the transparent solution to create reliable information for investors.


Investors and entrepreneurs are spending lot of time by traveling around the world in different kind of events to meet each other – that is very expensive and time consuming process.

Investors get lots of cold emails and phone calls from entrepreneurs. The evaluation is both a hard and time-consuming process without any pre-validation about the company – which is the reason why the communication usually doesn’t move forward.

Our solution

Our product is a video streaming platform where pre selected projects can pitch and present their business to investors worldwide through a live stream platform.


All the companies that are using our fundraising tool are selected by the investors. We will focus on developing a world class platform and you will decide which of the companies you want to watch and listen.


Let us know if you have a company who you would like to see on our platform and we will work our best to make that happen

Our mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurship by building a world class fundraising -and communication tool for investors and entrepreneurs worldwide.

We create trust and transparency

Community where people can make meaningful and valuable relationships

Community first

We value our users on top of everything. We would love to hear if you have any ideas how we can improve and make the fundraising experience better for our community.

Lets arrange product demo!

With a few clicks, you can pick up and schedule the best time for product demo here , or send us an email.

Contact info


Address: Teknobulevardi 3, 01530, Finland